Make Your Car As Good as New – Auto Repair Checklist 2023

Giving your vehicle some repair services and extra-special care can prolong its life. It can save you money and keep your family safe on the road. Stick to this complete car repair checklist, and your vehicle will perform optimally for many years.


It is crucial to check the brakes periodically. This is especially true if you have been driving on long trips or at high speeds. Brakes are essential to your car’s safety features, protecting you from accidents. Your auto repair expert can check issues like grinding or squeaking, which can alter your ability to drive safely.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers can get grubby and beat over time, especially in South Florida weather. Thus, it is crucial to stay on top of their performance. It is advisable to replace your windshield wipers after one year. Wipers come in various sizes and lengths, depending on what your car supports. Consult auto repair mechanics for recommendations.

Steering Wheel

Make sure you check the steering wheel and ensure that it is in good condition. If your steering wheel doesn’t turn your car, it might be an absence of grease in the steering wheel or a shaking ball joint.

Replace Seat Belts

Seat belts wear and tear with time, so it is crucial to replace them. Manufacturers offer different recommendations on when it is the best time to replace. But there are tell-tale signs that can indicate your car belts are on their way out. These include fraying, cracking, and loosening tension.

Oil and Filter

The oil in your vehicles serves plenty of functions. It lubricates your vehicle’s moving parts, prevents engine corrosion, and acts as a sealant against destructive objectives.

Ensuring your oil is clean is crucial for good engine health. Depending on the oil you are using and the car model, most auto repair shops recommend changing the oil after three months or 3000 miles.

But your other car manuals recommend changing your oils after 5000-10,000 miles. Verify your car’s manual and consult an auto repair expert to know what is appropriate for your vehicle.

Check Interior

You spend a lot of time in your car, so check all accessories inside (cassette player, radio, etc.) and ensure they are working correctly. Check all vents, dials, and switches, and ensure they function properly.

Check Electrical Connection

Check all electrical components and ensure they are working correctly. Turn on all lights, air conditioning, and other accessories and ensure they are in good shape. If you find any faulty accessories, your auto repair mechanics will fix them.

AirBag System

Your Airbag system helps to cushion you and your passengers during an accident. Ensure your vehicle has this safety feature to protect passengers from dangers that involve rolling over or side-to-side collisions.

Check, Rotate and Change Car Tires

Leaked tires can affect the handling and make life harder for your brakes. That is why it is crucial to check the tire pressure periodically.

Also, tires wear with time. Check the tread and ensure they aren’t worn. The Toonie test can help you know if you need to replace your tires.

Car tires don’t wear evenly. The back and front tires carry different loads on different vehicles. Visit your local auto repair shop to help rotate your tires for more even wear. This can also help your car drive comfortably.

Sticking to an auto car repair checklist can help prevent the need for costly repairs. For more information about car auto repair services, contact Euro Auto Performance for professional help.

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