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European Cars v American Cars: What’s the Differences When It Comes to Repairs?
There are differences when it comes to repairs in European and American cars. The amount of parts that must be repaired depends on various factors, but some general observations can help you plan a repair more accurately. The first thing you need to know is that the number of spare parts available for American cars is much higher than for European cars. This means American cars have fewer things that need repairing, but they also tend to cost less and be more durable than their European counterparts. At European Auto Performance, we service European...
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How Are European Cars Unique From Other Cars?
Cars are among the most important possession that a person will ever own in Oakland Park FL. They are the most accessible mode of transportation, and they have been an important part of life for over 100 years. Cars have evolved considerably over time, and there are a number of different types of cars. Here are ways in which European vehicles are unique from others.  

1. Fuel Efficiency

European vehicles are among the most fuel-efficient on the market. The average European vehicle will burn fewer gallons of fuel per year than the average American car because of...
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